1. Troop Support Coordinator:

Task:  - Serve as main Troop support chair, coordinator all BS program, BS events, secure parents

- Contact parents, remind Troop, Lien Doan events, parent meeting, etc…

 2. Troop Admin Coordinator

Task:   - Remind parent to fill registration forms, paper works and collect them before turn in to leader in charge if needed

 3. Troop Advancement Coordinator / advancement members

* Advancement Chair

Task:  - Serve as a chair of Advancement.

- Organize BOR and serve as chair of BOR. 

- Review BS advancement

- Report to Scout master /Venturing Advisor 1 week before every Flag Ceremony/COH

- Record scouts advancement in database

 * Advancement BOR members:

Task: - Server as member of BOR at least 4 times a year

 5. BS Summer Camp

* BS Summer Camp Chair

Task:  - Serve as chair person of BS Summer Camp

- Handle camp registration, collect fee

- BS Summer

* Camp transportation

Task:  - Arrange transportation

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