• Camp was a very fun and great experience for me. There were many scouts, with some familiar faces and some strangers. But, we connected and got along with each other very well. We are a special group because we are Vietnamese and should be proud of our culture and heritage.
-Douglas Tran


  • Camp was an overall fun experience. I did not expect all the scouts to click with each other in the group so easily, especially within the short amount of time. I’m excited to attend jamboree in the near future. We will be a one-of-a-kind group at National Jamboree so we should be proud of our heritage. Sharing our culture and traditions is vital to making new friends at D.C.
- Khoi Le


  • This camp was a pretty good experience for me. I met some new people and had some fun. I think it was a pretty good experience and idea to go to this camp. I think when we get to Virginia, we’ll make a lot of friends and we’ll be able to share our culture.
-Sky Nguyen

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